Vodafone, Prepared, Primed & Top coated inside and out in one shift, client very happy.

Industrial warehouse in Cardiff Windows and fire doors colour change from blue to grey/black it transformed the look of the building, Great result.

A refurbished Animal shop in Weymouth reworked, shop staff delighted with the result this was all done with no inconvenience to opening hours, all work completed out of hours.

New Pandora shop front and internal frame work painted.

A week at Harbour exchange refurbishing radiators on one floor.

Canery Wharf London, Refurbishing all windows on 7 floors!

If you have any questions about any of the on site spraying, or polishing services we offer or would like a free quotation on upcoming works please call us 07912 149278 or email leescoatings@aol.co.uk & we will get back to you as soon as possible.